Due to our rapidly changing inventory, you’ll want to check out our Brick & Mortar Rt 59, Naperville store!

  • The number one factor that determines price is Supply and Demand of the coins themselves.
    • One coin may have the exact same mintage as another and may be the same condition, but if only one is sought after, that will determine the price.
  • The Condition of the coin itself.
    • Some coins are seemingly only found in low conditions and jump exponentially in higher grades, while others seem to always be in high grades and don’t seem to move much in price
  • The date and Mint Mark of the coin.
    • Sometimes, coins that are minted only one year apart can be starkly different in price, and even some minted in the same year can vary dramatically in rarity and price depending on where they were minted.

Though there are many places on the internet that tell what coins are “going for,” the only price that matters is what someone is actually willing to pay for yours. That’s where the professionals at Fox Valley Coins come in, as they will give you exact prices on what they will pay you for your exact coins.

  • To get an exact coin, simply:
    • Bring in some or all of the coins to Fox Valley Coins
      • *If it is a large lot, we can help you bring it inside if it is too heavy.
    • We will sit down with you and go through them either one at a time (or as a bulk lot, whichever you prefer).
    • We will give you prices that are good for cash or check on the spot.
  • The coins never leave your sight, and as we supply major television and direct-mail retailers, we always have a need to restock our inventory. Fox Valley Coins may also make house calls on the occasion that they are needed.

While auctions may be beneficial as a way to ensure a sale of your collection, the seller never knows what price they will receive until the hammer drops. And while a buyer at an auction can keep bidding until they feel it isn’t worth the price, the seller may not get their end goal of the amount they desire.

Fox Valley Coins owned and operated Fox Valley Coin Auctions, one of the top coin auction houses in the midwest, for 17 years. During that time, we had many customers ask why they did not get as much in the auction as they were offered by Fox Valley Coins in the store. This is because we cannot promise any certain price when sold at auction.

All of our prices given in the store are good for cash or check on the spot.

At Fox Valley Coins, we have all different kinds of coins, currency, and bullion that may be priced anywhere from pennies to tens of thousands of dollars. We have many items on display if. you are simply browsing for something that will catch your eye, or if you have something in mind, just ask us and we will get you what you are looking for.

If you are not able to come into our store for whatever reason, we also have a portion of our inventory on our website. Either browse in the “SHOP” section or search for it using the search bar at the top.

The most important thing to know when collecting coins can be summed up in this phrase: “Either know your coins or know your coin dealer; and it’s best to know both!”

Buying from a trusted source as opposed to one that is unreliable can save you both money and stress. Also, it is important whether you are collecting coins, or have a collection you are looking to sell, to keep the coins as original as possible. This means to avoid any cleaning of collector coins, as this very well may decrease their value, while also storing them in dry and air-right places, where they will be protected from different elements.

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